Public Speaking

How to make a presentation pattern so interesting, not boring and how to speak in public.

Communication Arts

Effectively How to talk so that the other person that we can understand and follow the rules of the company? How to sell, how to handle complaints and others.

Crucial Conversation

Work shop, how to speak when faced with criticism, under pressure, in a difficult, position and what should you say when everything is at stake.

Fun Outbound & Real Outbound & Motivation

activity that fosters, foster solidarity, foster competition and equalize the employee mentality junior and senior employees to gab on the company can be reduced.
The concept of outbound event details readjustment company cute event fun and happy but still focused on the vision of the company.

Family Gathering (FUN GAMES)

150,000 / person minimum of 100 people
(LOCATION Banjarmasin)
the event was beneficial to the company of family gathering packaged in exciting, fun and full of impressions.
  1. Fosters Among employees of the company both vertically and horizontally.
  2. Spouse (husband or wife) employees can find out how the situation and the husband's workplace environment, so that the couple can provide positive support.
  3. The company can provide the translation of the vision and mission forward to increase of the motivation of employees.

Training and Design of Integral Service System

Create a system of services, Including training of employees, making sytem coordination of the marketing or sales with other lines (warehouse, finance, promos etc.), making reporting and manufacture of IT systems

Promo Products / Services

Assist in developing the concept and promote the product as well as the mapping of the area, so that by the time the show a lot of people want to know and be Involved in the promotion event, event packed full of cute and happy impression and most importantly guide products known and sold.

Making the video / movie promotion, dissemination and Marriage

create videos based on client needs, we create concepts petrified Also, menyutradrai, etc.

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